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Sometimes at BlindsUBuy, we use terms that not everybody understands. So we've created a jargon page to try and give our customers a better understanding of the terms we use to describe different options for our blinds. If you're still not sure, or can't find what you're looking for on this page, give us a call on 01782 271313.


Stack: This option determines which side of the window your slats will draw to when fully drawn open. If you were to look at your window from the inside of your room, tell us which side you'd like your slats to stack to, or select centre opening for the slats to split like curtains.

Wand System: The wand system is our most popular vertical blind system. Instead of the old fashioned cord & chain option, this nifty device operates using a plastic rod or wand, twisting it to tilt the slats and sliding it across to draw the slats to one side. If selecting a centre split, the control wand sits in the centre of the rail when the blinds are fully closed.

Slat Size: Our standard slat width for vertical blinds is 89mm, this is the width of each fabric slat.

Weight & Chain: Standard weights & chain are as pictured in our product images. Chainless weights have a tab at either side to stop it from falling out of the slat pocket, but they are not sewn into the pocket.

Note: Please be aware that our vertical blinds come with all necessary fixing brackets, but no screws or raw plugs are supplied with this product. The fixing materials required may vary depending on what material you are fixing the blinds to.


Pelmet Options: There are 4 pelmet options to choose from. Choose the 'straght' option for blinds being fitted inside a recess. For blinds being fitted outside a recess, choose 'full return', this hides the ends of the blind with a neat return to make the blind look more finished. The remaining two options, return left and return right, are to be selected if the blinds are being fitted in a bay window. The 'return left' is to hide the end of the blind on the left side, and 'return right' is to hide the end of the blind on the right side.

Ends: Standard ends is used for blinds that are being fitted inside the recess, as the ends of the slats will not be visible. Stained ends are an optional extra for blinds being fitted outside the recess and bay winows, this means that the ends of the slats will be stained to match the colour of the wood.

Tapes: The tapes option is personal preference. 'Tapes' are just a piece of cotton that runs infront of the strings that run through the blind, therefore hiding those strings. The width of the tapes are as follows: 19mm for 25mm wood, 25mm for 35mm wood & 38mm for 50mm wood. The colour of the tapes is matched by BlindsUBuy as closely as possible, please note that some tapes may be darker or lighter than the wood shade to compliment the colour of the blind.

Slat Size: The slat size for our wooden blinds varies depending on finish. Some of the finishes are available in 25mm, 35mm & 50mm. Some are only available in 50mm. This is the width/depth of each slat on a wooden venetian blind.


Bead Depth: This is the measurement from the glass to the outer frame of the window. Please note that aluminium window frames with no 'bead' are not suitable for this style of perfect fit blind.


I've placed my order, when will I receive my blinds?

For all made to measure blinds (except roman) we advise 6-12 working days (Mon-Fri). If 6-12 working days have passed since you placed your order, please feel free to contact us to check on the status of your order. For all roman blinds & made to measure curtains, we advise 2-3 weeks.

Help! I've made a mistake on my order, what do I do?

If you've realised that you've made a mistake on your order, please contact us as soon as possible. If manufacturing has not yet begun, we will alter your order accordingly or refund your order allowing you to place a new one. If manufacturing has already begun, we may not be able to alter your order so please make sure that you check your details thoroughly before placing your order.

Do your blinds come with a guarantee?

Yes! All of our blinds come with a 2 year guarantee to give you peace of mind when buying blinds online. The guarantee covers the blind for anything that may stop it from working during the 2 years or any defects that the blind has when first delivered (providing we are notified within 7 days of delivery). BlindsUBuy are not responsible for any blinds/fabrics/parts that are discontinued during the 2 year guarantee.

What if I am not home to receive my delivery?

If nobody is going to be home to receive the delivery, please consider entering a different address at the point of ordering (E.g neighbour, place of work). If you have already placed your order, and nobody is home to receive the delivery, we will attempt to leave the parcel with a neighbour or in a safe place. If not, the delivery will either come back to our factory or to the courier depot at which point they will leave you a card to arrange a new delivery date.

Do you offer a measure & fit service?

If you'd like us to measure & fit your blinds for you, please visit our sister site Covering Staffordshire & Cheshire - Amanda for Blinds & Curtains offer a full measure & fit service from a free home visit to the installation of your blinds. Please be aware that prices quoted by Amanda for Blinds & Curtains do not relate to any online prices from BlindsUBuy.


For any further help with using, feel free to email us at or use our secure contact page to get in touch.

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