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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Made to measure aluminium venetian blinds offer modern style with real versatility for the windows in your home and workplace. They allow you to easily control how much natural light enters the room, they also offer privacy when all of the slats are closed. From metallic and plain, to textured & hammered finished, our range of shades will allow you to find the perfect match.

Colour Filters

on orders over £150

Our blinds are used in:

Aluminium Aluminium
Apache Apache
Aqua Aqua
Armada Armada
Atmosphere Atmosphere
Atomic Atomic
Beige Beige
Beryl Beryl
Black Black
Boutique Boutique
Brushed Linen Brushed Linen
Candyfloss Candyfloss
Canton Canton
Cerise Cerise
Citrine Citrine
Cool Grey Cool Grey
Coral Coral
Cream Cream
Drama Drama
Dream Dream
Ebon Ebon
Echo Echo
Electra Blue Electra Blue
Electra Gold Electra Gold
Emerald Emerald
Energy Energy
Estrella Axis Estrella Axis
Estrella Lyra Estrella Lyra
Flame Flame
Flint Flint
Galleria Galleria
Glam Glam
Glow Glow
Graphite Graphite
Gravel Gravel
Hunter Hunter
Ivory Plain Ivory Plain
Jazz Jazz
Latino Latino
Lilac Lilac
Litra Coca Litra Coca
Litra Putty Litra Putty
Lusso Lusso
Luster Luster
Lyra Lyra
Majestic Majestic
Matt Matt
Mink Mink
Mintz Mintz
Mirano Mirano
Mocca Mocca
Mono Mud Mono Mud
Mono Naco Mono Naco
Mono Truffle Mono Truffle
Navy Navy
Nomad Nomad
Novella Novella
Ocean Ocean
Onyx Onyx
Opal Opal
Orion Orion
Pastel Blue Pastel Blue
Pearl Pearl
Persia Persia
Pistachio Pistachio
Porcelain Porcelain
Powder Green Powder Green
Primary Red Primary Red
Pulse Pulse
Quartz Blue Quartz Blue
Quartz Red Quartz Red
Rapture Glisten Rapture Glisten
Rapture Rebel Rapture Rebel
Rapture Sonic Rapture Sonic
Reef Reef
Shadow Grey Shadow Grey
Shelby Shelby
Sky Sky
Sonar Sonar
Soul Soul
Tahiti Tahiti
Tropic Tropic
Truth Truth
Umbra Umbra
Vanilla Vanilla
Vapour Vapour
Vibe Cool Blue Vibe Cool Blue
Vibe Grey Vibe Grey
Vibe Nude Vibe Nude
Vibe Silver Vibe Silver
Vibe Trance Vibe Trance
Woodline 9401 Woodline 9401
Woodline 9403 Woodline 9403
Woodline 9404 Woodline 9404
Woodline 9406 Woodline 9406
Woodline 9407 Woodline 9407
Woodline 9408 Woodline 9408
Woodline 9409 Woodline 9409
Woodline 9411 Woodline 9411
Woodline 9412 Woodline 9412
Zephyr Zephyr
Zircon Zircon
Zora Barley Zora Barley
Zora Coco Zora Coco
Zora Haze Zora Haze
on orders over £150