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Skylight Blinds

Skylight Blinds

Skylight blinds are the perfect way to block or diffuse light from a stunning modern roof window. With a range of skylight blinds available in a full span of colours and prints for Velux, Keylite, Rooflite & Fakro windows.

Colour Filters

on orders over £150

Our blinds are used in:

Vitra Biscotti Vitra Biscotti
Vitra Bondi Vitra Bondi
Splash Amalfi Splash Amalfi
Splash Amparo Splash Amparo
Splash Arcadia Splash Arcadia
Splash Beige Splash Beige
Splash Bossa Splash Bossa
Splash Brittany Splash Brittany
Splash Bullet Splash Bullet
Splash Butter Splash Butter
Splash Canvas Splash Canvas
Splash Chilli Splash Chilli
Splash Chocolate Splash Chocolate
Splash Como Splash Como
Splash Dove Splash Dove
Splash Duck Egg Splash Duck Egg
Splash Empire Splash Empire
Splash Flamingo Splash Flamingo
Splash Flint Splash Flint
Splash Frost Splash Frost
Splash Gable Splash Gable
Splash Glade Splash Glade
Splash Grama Splash Grama
Splash Grey Whisper Splash Grey Whisper
Splash Havana Splash Havana
Splash Hessian Splash Hessian
Splash Hint Splash Hint
Splash Indigo Splash Indigo
Splash Jazz Splash Jazz
Splash Legion Splash Legion
Splash Lipstick Splash Lipstick
Splash Mambo Splash Mambo
Splash Maylar Splash Maylar
Splash Midnight Splash Midnight
Splash Mineral Splash Mineral
Splash Mirage Splash Mirage
Splash Modesty Splash Modesty
Splash Mono Splash Mono
Splash Nato Splash Nato
Splash Noir Splash Noir
Splash Orchid Splash Orchid
Splash Oyster Splash Oyster
Splash Paper Splash Paper
Splash Placid Splash Placid
Splash Portobello Splash Portobello
Splash Putty Splash Putty
Splash Rock Splash Rock
Splash Ruby Splash Ruby
Splash Sapphire Splash Sapphire
Splash Scarlett Splash Scarlett
Splash Sloe Splash Sloe
Splash Snow Splash Snow
Splash Solar Splash Solar
Splash Sonar Splash Sonar
Splash Tango Splash Tango
Splash Taupe Splash Taupe
Splash Tiffany Splash Tiffany
Splash Tropez Splash Tropez
Splash Twist Splash Twist
Splash Vellum Splash Vellum
Splash Venom Splash Venom
Splash Vine Splash Vine
Unilux Aster Unilux Aster
Unilux Black Unilux Black
Unilux Butter Unilux Butter
Unilux Buttercup Unilux Buttercup
Unilux Cream Unilux Cream
Unilux Flamingo Unilux Flamingo
Unilux Granite Unilux Granite
Unilux Grey Unilux Grey
Unilux Imperial Unilux Imperial
Unilux Lava Unilux Lava
Unilux Lilac Unilux Lilac
Unilux Lime Unilux Lime
Unilux Linen Unilux Linen
Unilux Marine Unilux Marine
Unilux Powder Blue Unilux Powder Blue
Unilux Surf Unilux Surf
Unilux Topaz Unilux Topaz
Unilux White Unilux White
Vitra Action Vitra Action
Vitra Aloe Vitra Aloe
Vitra Aqua Vitra Aqua
Vitra Bambino Vitra Bambino
Vitra Beige Vitra Beige
Vitra Cream Vitra Cream
Vitra Flame Vitra Flame
Vitra Flint Vitra Flint
Vitra Illusion Vitra Illusion
Vitra Imperial Vitra Imperial
Vitra Ink Vitra Ink
Vitra Kitty Vitra Kitty
Vitra Licorice Vitra Licorice
Vitra Mallow Vitra Mallow
Vitra Marina Vitra Marina
Vitra Marlin Vitra Marlin
Vitra Metro Vitra Metro
Vitra Nori Vitra Nori
Vitra Passion Vitra Passion
Vitra Roast Vitra Roast
Vitra Royale Vitra Royale
Vitra Rumba Vitra Rumba
Vitra Shock Vitra Shock
Vitra Sunburst Vitra Sunburst
Vitra Vapour Vitra Vapour
Vitra White Vitra White
Vitra Zinc Vitra Zinc
Vitra Zorro Vitra Zorro
Bella Amalfi Bella Amalfi
Bella Amparo Bella Amparo
Bella Arcadia Bella Arcadia
Bella Beige Bella Beige
Bella Bossa Bella Bossa
Bella Brittany Bella Brittany
Bella Bullet Bella Bullet
Bella Butter Bella Butter
Bella Canvas Bella Canvas
Bella Chilli Bella Chilli
Bella Chocolate Bella Chocolate
Bella Como Bella Como
Bella Dove Bella Dove
Bella Duck Egg Bella Duck Egg
Bella Empire Bella Empire
Bella Flamingo Bella Flamingo
Bella Flint Bella Flint
Bella Frost Bella Frost
Bella Gable Bella Gable
Bella Glade Bella Glade
Bella Grey Whisper Bella Grey Whisper
Bella Hessian Bella Hessian
Bella Hint Bella Hint
Bella Indigo Bella Indigo
Bella Jazz Bella Jazz
Bella Legion Bella Legion
Bella Lipstick Bella Lipstick
Bella Mambo Bella Mambo
Bella Maylar Bella Maylar
Bella Midnight Bella Midnight
Bella Mineral Bella Mineral
Bella Mirage Bella Mirage
Bella Modesty Bella Modesty
Bella Mono Bella Mono
Bella Nato Bella Nato
Bella Noir Bella Noir
Bella Orchid Bella Orchid
Bella Oyster Bella Oyster
Bella Paper Bella Paper
Bella Placid Bella Placid
Bella Portobello Bella Portobello
Bella Putty Bella Putty
Bella Rock Bella Rock
Bella Ruby Bella Ruby
Bella Sapphire Bella Sapphire
Bella Scarlett Bella Scarlett
Bella Sloe Bella Sloe
Bella Snow Bella Snow
Bella Solar Bella Solar
Bella Sonar Bella Sonar
Bella Tango Bella Tango
Bella Taupe Bella Taupe
Bella Tiffany Bella Tiffany
Bella Tropez Bella Tropez
Bella Twist Bella Twist
Bella Vellum Bella Vellum
Bella Venom Bella Venom
Bella Vine Bella Vine
on orders over £150