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Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

From modern florals, abstract patterns & sophisticated stripes to contemporary classics and retro style, the BlindsUBuy roller blinds range is packed with exciting prints that will really bring a new lease of life to your home. There's also a brilliant range of plains, textured, sheer, wipeable and blackout fabrics too.

Colour Filters

on orders over £150

Our blinds are used in:

Albany Beige Albany Beige
Albany Cream Albany Cream
Albany White Albany White
Alessi Ivory Alessi Ivory
Alessi Jet Alessi Jet
Alessi Pebble Alessi Pebble
Alessi Porcelain Alessi Porcelain
Alessi Snow Alessi Snow
Alessi Stone Alessi Stone
Allegra Charcoal Allegra Charcoal
Allegra Grape Allegra Grape
Allegra Pewter Allegra Pewter
Allegra Sand Allegra Sand
Alphabet White Alphabet White
Amico Breva Amico Breva
Amico Vanilla Amico Vanilla
Aporia Aporia
Aria Cape Aria Cape
Aria Damson Aria Damson
Aria Pacific Aria Pacific
Aria Stone Aria Stone
Aria Vanilla Aria Vanilla
Aria Vapour Aria Vapour
Beach Palms Cream Beach Palms Cream
Bella Azure Bella Azure
Bella Beige Bella Beige
Bella Berry Bella Berry
Bella Butter Bella Butter
Bella Canvas Bella Canvas
Bella Capri Bella Capri
Bella Chocolate Bella Chocolate
Bella Cinnabar Bella Cinnabar
Bella Clay Bella Clay
Bella Fawn Bella Fawn
Bella Frost Bella Frost
Bella Graphite Bella Graphite
Bella Grey Whisper Bella Grey Whisper
Bella Hessian Bella Hessian
Bella Indigo Bella Indigo
Bella Kiss Bella Kiss
Bella Kiwi Bella Kiwi
Bella Mocha Bella Mocha
Bella Noir Bella Noir
Bella Oyster Bella Oyster
Bella Paper Bella Paper
Bella Paradise Bella Paradise
Bella Pebble Bella Pebble
Bella Powder Bella Powder
Bella Putty Bella Putty
Bella Regatta Bella Regatta
Bella Rock Bella Rock
Bella Scarlett Bella Scarlett
Bella Slate Bella Slate
Bella Sloe Bella Sloe
Bella Sorbet Bella Sorbet
Bella Summer Bella Summer
Bella Tiffany Bella Tiffany
Bella Tropez Bella Tropez
Bella Venus Bella Venus
Bella Vine Bella Vine
Bloom Mulberry Bloom Mulberry
Bloom Pesto Bloom Pesto
Bloom Rouge Bloom Rouge
Bloom Sand Bloom Sand
Botanic Green Botanic Green
Calista Ash Calista Ash
Calista Breeze Calista Breeze
Calista Citrus Calista Citrus
Calista Lust Calista Lust
Calista Marina Calista Marina
Calista Mineral Calista Mineral
Calla Calico Calla Calico
Calla Chiffon Calla Chiffon
Calla Duck Egg Calla Duck Egg
Calla Ivory Calla Ivory
Calla Mocha Calla Mocha
Calla Rose Calla Rose
Costello Almond Costello Almond
Costello Breva Costello Breva
Costello Mocha Costello Mocha
Costello Pebble Costello Pebble
Costello Stone Costello Stone
Costello Taupe Costello Taupe
Davina Calico Davina Calico
Davina Chiffon Davina Chiffon
Davina Graphite Davina Graphite
Davina Ivory Davina Ivory
Davina Lilac Davina Lilac
Davina Willow Davina Willow
Devon Chocolate Devon Chocolate
Devon Sand Devon Sand
Devon Shadow Devon Shadow
Diva Desire Diva Desire
Diva Gossip Diva Gossip
Diva Intimate Diva Intimate
Diva Obsession Diva Obsession
Diva Reveal Diva Reveal
Diva Vanity Diva Vanity
Elegance Black Elegance Black
Elegance Crimson Elegance Crimson
Elegance Stone Elegance Stone
Elegance White Elegance White
Estella Alava Estella Alava
Estella Basque Estella Basque
Estella Citrus Estella Citrus
Estella Navarre Estella Navarre
Estella Raspberry Estella Raspberry
Estella Teal Estella Teal
Estella Vitoria Estella Vitoria
Farah Duck Egg Farah Duck Egg
Farah Ecru Farah Ecru
Farah Lilac Farah Lilac
Farah Petal Farah Petal
Farah Shadow Farah Shadow
Geese Grey Geese Grey
Grace Antique Grace Antique
Grace Moonstone Grace Moonstone
Grace Vintage Grace Vintage
Harper Ash Harper Ash
Harper Duck Egg Harper Duck Egg
Harper Grape Harper Grape
Harper Sand Harper Sand
Henlow Graphite Henlow Graphite
Henlow Sand Henlow Sand
Henlow Shadow Henlow Shadow
Highland Blackberry Highland Blackberry
Highland Blue Highland Blue
Highland Bracken Highland Bracken
Highland Earth Highland Earth
Highland Mist Highland Mist
Hojas Green Hojas Green
Kensley Rouge Kensley Rouge
Kensley Sand Kensley Sand
Kensley Sky Kensley Sky
Kobe Cream Kobe Cream
Kobe Pebble Kobe Pebble
Kobe Sand Kobe Sand
Kobe Shadow Kobe Shadow
Kobe Stone Kobe Stone
Kobe White Kobe White
Legacy Athena Legacy Athena
Legacy Ivory Legacy Ivory
Legacy Mode Legacy Mode
Legacy Putty Legacy Putty
Legacy Stone Legacy Stone
Legacy Thunder Legacy Thunder
Linos Moonstone Linos Moonstone
Linos Stone Linos Stone
Lola Bolero Lola Bolero
Lola Boston Lola Boston
Lola Calypso Lola Calypso
Lola Flamenco Lola Flamenco
Lola Passo Lola Passo
Lola Twist Lola Twist
Luxari Beige Luxari Beige
Luxari Cream Luxari Cream
Luxari White Luxari White
Maple Leaves Blue Maple Leaves Blue
Marlow Graphite Marlow Graphite
Marlow Ivory Marlow Ivory
Marlow Mocca Marlow Mocca
Marlow Sand Marlow Sand
Marlow Steel Marlow Steel
Metz Black Metz Black
Metz Ivory Metz Ivory
Metz Porcelain Metz Porcelain
Metz Shadow Metz Shadow
Metz White Metz White
Mezza Gris Mezza Gris
Mezza Lava Mezza Lava
Mezza Noir Mezza Noir
Midas Crystal Midas Crystal
Midas Jade Midas Jade
Midas Moonstone Midas Moonstone
Midas Opal Midas Opal
Midas Ruby Midas Ruby
Midas Shadow Midas Shadow
Midas Vibe Midas Vibe
Monza Azure Monza Azure
Monza Calico Monza Calico
Monza Chiffon Monza Chiffon
Monza Ecru Monza Ecru
Monza Lilac Monza Lilac
Napa Atoli Napa Atoli
Napa Caymen Napa Caymen
Napa Isla Napa Isla
Napa Jidda Napa Jidda
Napa Lucia Napa Lucia
Napa Mersin Napa Mersin
Napa Nevis Napa Nevis
Napa Oslo Napa Oslo
Napa Vassa Napa Vassa
Napa Verde Napa Verde
Nina Chiffon Nina Chiffon
Nina Duck Egg Nina Duck Egg
Nina Mulberry Nina Mulberry
Nina Shadow Nina Shadow
Nina Whisp Nina Whisp
Nina Yasmin Nina Yasmin
Othello Insignia Othello Insignia
Othello Legend Othello Legend
Othello Memoir Othello Memoir
Othello Myth Othello Myth
Othello Spruce Othello Spruce
Paloma Almond Paloma Almond
Paloma Aspen Paloma Aspen
Paloma Breva Paloma Breva
Paloma Damson Paloma Damson
Paloma Duck Egg Paloma Duck Egg
Paloma Mineral Paloma Mineral
Puriti Cashmere Puriti Cashmere
Puriti Cotton Puriti Cotton
Puriti Silk Puriti Silk
Reflection Antique Reflection Antique
Reflection Graphite Reflection Graphite
Reflection Olivine Reflection Olivine
Reflection Pewter Reflection Pewter
Reflection Silver Reflection Silver
Regency Blue Regency Blue
Regency Light Regency Light
Regency Noir Regency Noir
Rosa Calico Rosa Calico
Rosa Iris Rosa Iris
Rosa Mineral Rosa Mineral
Rosa Shadow Rosa Shadow
Sahara Chiffon Sahara Chiffon
Sahara Cream Sahara Cream
Sahara White Sahara White
Samba Cream Samba Cream
Samba Frost Samba Frost
Samba Oyster Samba Oyster
Santos Chiffon Santos Chiffon
Santos Ivory Santos Ivory
Santos Pebble Santos Pebble
Santos Sand Santos Sand
Santos Vapour Santos Vapour
Satina Crimson Satina Crimson
Satina Graphite Satina Graphite
Satina Petrol Satina Petrol
Satina Vanilla Satina Vanilla
Seko Cream Seko Cream
Seko Graphite Seko Graphite
Seko Olive Seko Olive
Seko Shadow Seko Shadow
Seko Sky Seko Sky
Seko White Seko White
Sephora Sand Sephora Sand
Sephora Sky Sephora Sky
Sephora Steel Sephora Steel
Sephora Willow Sephora Willow
Skyline Black Skyline Black
Solice Lace Solice Lace
Solice Whisper Solice Whisper
Songbird Purple Songbird Purple
Splash Admiral Splash Admiral
Splash Aspen Splash Aspen
Splash Atlantic Splash Atlantic
Splash Azure Splash Azure
Splash Beige Splash Beige
Splash Berry Splash Berry
Splash Blush Splash Blush
Splash Butter Splash Butter
Splash Candy Splash Candy
Splash Canvas Splash Canvas
Splash Chocolate Splash Chocolate
Splash Cinnabar Splash Cinnabar
Splash Cult Splash Cult
Splash Cyber Splash Cyber
Splash Dawn Splash Dawn
Splash Divine Splash Divine
Splash Dove Splash Dove
Splash Duck Egg Splash Duck Egg
Splash Eton Splash Eton
Splash Fever Splash Fever
Splash Flint Splash Flint
Splash Fondant Splash Fondant
Splash Frost Splash Frost
Splash Grama Splash Grama
Splash Havana Splash Havana
Splash Hawaii Splash Hawaii
Splash Hessian Splash Hessian
Splash Indigo Splash Indigo
Splash Kiss Splash Kiss
Splash Kiwi Splash Kiwi
Splash Maylar Splash Maylar
Splash Mellow Splash Mellow
Splash Mineral Splash Mineral
Splash Modesty Splash Modesty
Splash Noir Splash Noir
Splash Oyster Splash Oyster
Splash Paper Splash Paper
Splash Pebble Splash Pebble
Splash Poppy Splash Poppy
Splash Port Splash Port
Splash Powder Splash Powder
Splash Putty Splash Putty
Splash Regatta Splash Regatta
Splash Reign Splash Reign
Splash Rock Splash Rock
Splash Ruby Splash Ruby
Splash Sand Splash Sand
Splash Scarlett Splash Scarlett
Splash Sloe Splash Sloe
Splash Snow Splash Snow
Splash Sorbet Splash Sorbet
Splash Summer Splash Summer
Splash Tango Splash Tango
Splash Taupe Splash Taupe
Splash Tiffany Splash Tiffany
Splash Tropez Splash Tropez
Splash Twist Splash Twist
Splash Velvet Splash Velvet
Splash Venus Splash Venus
Splash Vine Splash Vine
Springtime Beige Springtime Beige
Springtime Berry Springtime Berry
Springtime Grape Springtime Grape
Staten Granite Staten Granite
Staten Imperial Staten Imperial
Staten Lava Staten Lava
Staten Lime Staten Lime
Staten Linen Staten Linen
Staten White Staten White
Teapots Black Teapots Black
Tiber Chocolate Tiber Chocolate
Tiber Ivory Tiber Ivory
Tiber Porcelain Tiber Porcelain
Tiber Sand Tiber Sand
Tiber Snow Tiber Snow
Toro Jasmine Toro Jasmine
Toro Pebble Toro Pebble
Toro Pewter Toro Pewter
Toro Shadow Toro Shadow
Toro Vanilla Toro Vanilla
Toy Cars Blue Toy Cars Blue
Trevisco Citrine Trevisco Citrine
Trevisco Cobalt Trevisco Cobalt
Trevisco Ecru Trevisco Ecru
Trevisco Fuscia Trevisco Fuscia
Trevisco Moonstone Trevisco Moonstone
Trevisco Shadow Trevisco Shadow
Trevisco Vanilla Trevisco Vanilla
Unicolour Ash Unicolour Ash
Unicolour Beige Unicolour Beige
Unicolour Black Unicolour Black
Unicolour Cadet Unicolour Cadet
Unicolour Charcoal Unicolour Charcoal
Unicolour Chocolate Unicolour Chocolate
Unicolour Cream Unicolour Cream
Unicolour Cyan Unicolour Cyan
Unicolour Dove Unicolour Dove
Unicolour Emerald Unicolour Emerald
Unicolour Lime Unicolour Lime
Unicolour Navy Unicolour Navy
Unicolour Purple Unicolour Purple
Unicolour Red Unicolour Red
Unicolour Sienna Unicolour Sienna
Unicolour Taupe Unicolour Taupe
Unicolour White Unicolour White
Unicolour Yellow Unicolour Yellow
Unilux Aster Unilux Aster
Unilux Black Unilux Black
Unilux Butter Unilux Butter
Unilux Buttercup Unilux Buttercup
Unilux Cream Unilux Cream
Unilux Flamingo Unilux Flamingo
Unilux Granite Unilux Granite
Unilux Grey Unilux Grey
Unilux Imperial Unilux Imperial
Unilux Lava Unilux Lava
Unilux Lilac Unilux Lilac
Unilux Lime Unilux Lime
Unilux Linen Unilux Linen
Unilux Marine Unilux Marine
Unilux Powder Blue Unilux Powder Blue
Unilux Surf Unilux Surf
Unilux Topaz Unilux Topaz
Unilux White Unilux White
Vesper Calico Vesper Calico
Vesper Snow Vesper Snow
Vitra Acid Vitra Acid
Vitra Action Vitra Action
Vitra Aqua Vitra Aqua
Vitra Bambino Vitra Bambino
Vitra Beige Vitra Beige
Vitra Biscotti Vitra Biscotti
Vitra Cream Vitra Cream
Vitra Envy Vitra Envy
Vitra Flame Vitra Flame
Vitra Flint Vitra Flint
Vitra Imperial Vitra Imperial
Vitra Kink Vitra Kink
Vitra Kitty Vitra Kitty
Vitra Lagoon Vitra Lagoon
Vitra Licorice Vitra Licorice
Vitra Marina Vitra Marina
Vitra Passion Vitra Passion
Vitra Pixie Vitra Pixie
Vitra Pout Vitra Pout
Vitra Roast Vitra Roast
Vitra Royale Vitra Royale
Vitra Scorch Vitra Scorch
Vitra Shock Vitra Shock
Vitra Teal Vitra Teal
Vitra Vapour Vitra Vapour
Vitra Violet Vitra Violet
Vitra White Vitra White
Vitra Zest Vitra Zest
Vitra Zinc Vitra Zinc
Vitra Zorro Vitra Zorro
on orders over £150