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Day & Night Blinds

Day & Night Blinds

Day & Night blinds, also known as Mirage blinds, create a unique effect using a double layer roller system. The fabrics are made up of alternate mesh and fabric panels that create a new style of privacy with the clever duo roller set up.

Colour Filters

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Our blinds are used in:

Geo Cosine Geo Cosine
Geo Equis Geo Equis
Geo Iso Geo Iso
Geo Prism Geo Prism
Monsoon Cape Monsoon Cape
Monsoon Congo Monsoon Congo
Monsoon Japen Monsoon Japen
Monsoon Zulu Monsoon Zulu
Optic Axon Optic Axon
Optic Blink Optic Blink
Optic Epine Optic Epine
Optic Lucid Optic Lucid
Optic Reflex Optic Reflex
Optic Sense Optic Sense
Optic Soma Optic Soma
Optic Vitreous Optic Vitreous
Orb Arc Orb Arc
Orb Perga Orb Perga
Orb Radius Orb Radius
Orb Vector Orb Vector
Rhythm Beat Rhythm Beat
Rhythm Cariso Rhythm Cariso
Rhythm Italo Rhythm Italo
Rhythm Melody Rhythm Melody
Rhythm Operetta Rhythm Operetta
Rhythm Trance Rhythm Trance
on orders over £150