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Colour Filters

on orders over £150

Our blinds are used in:

Alessi Stone Alessi Stone
Aria Stone Aria Stone
Bella Chocolate Bella Chocolate
Bella Clay Bella Clay
Bella Hessian Bella Hessian
Bella Mocha Bella Mocha
Bella Pebble Bella Pebble
Bella Putty Bella Putty
Calista Ash Calista Ash
Calla Mocha Calla Mocha
Costello Mocha Costello Mocha
Costello Pebble Costello Pebble
Costello Stone Costello Stone
Costello Taupe Costello Taupe
Devon Chocolate Devon Chocolate
Estella Alava Estella Alava
Harper Sand Harper Sand
Highland Earth Highland Earth
Kobe Pebble Kobe Pebble
Kobe Sand Kobe Sand
Kobe Stone Kobe Stone
Legacy Putty Legacy Putty
Legacy Stone Legacy Stone
Lola Bolero Lola Bolero
Marlow Mocca Marlow Mocca
Marlow Sand Marlow Sand
Midas Opal Midas Opal
Monza Ecru Monza Ecru
Napa Jidda Napa Jidda
Napa Vassa Napa Vassa
Othello Myth Othello Myth
Reflection Pewter Reflection Pewter
Regency Light Regency Light
Santos Pebble Santos Pebble
Santos Sand Santos Sand
Splash Chocolate Splash Chocolate
Splash Havana Splash Havana
Splash Hessian Splash Hessian
Splash Pebble Splash Pebble
Splash Putty Splash Putty
Springtime Beige Springtime Beige
Tiber Chocolate Tiber Chocolate
Tiber Sand Tiber Sand
Toro Pebble Toro Pebble
Unicolour Chocolate Unicolour Chocolate
Unicolour Taupe Unicolour Taupe
Vitra Biscotti Vitra Biscotti
Vitra Roast Vitra Roast
on orders over £150