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Colour Filters

on orders over £150

Our blinds are used in:

Alessi Jet Alessi Jet
Alessi Pebble Alessi Pebble
Aria Thunder Aria Thunder
Aria Vapour Aria Vapour
Aria Zinc Aria Zinc
Bella Bullet Bella Bullet
Bella Canvas Bella Canvas
Bella Dove Bella Dove
Bella Flint Bella Flint
Bella Gable Bella Gable
Bella Grey Whisper Bella Grey Whisper
Bella Maylar Bella Maylar
Bella Mirage Bella Mirage
Bella Mono Bella Mono
Bella Noir Bella Noir
Bella Rock Bella Rock
Bella Sonar Bella Sonar
Bella Tropez Bella Tropez
Bella Vellum Bella Vellum
Bella Venom Bella Venom
Bexley Shadow Bexley Shadow
Devon Shadow Devon Shadow
Estella Steel Estella Steel
Hanson Graphite Hanson Graphite
Hanson Shadow Hanson Shadow
Henlow Graphite Henlow Graphite
Henlow Shadow Henlow Shadow
Isla Marina Isla Marina
Kobe Graphite Kobe Graphite
Kobe Thunder Kobe Thunder
Lazaro Monsoon Lazaro Monsoon
Lazaro Twilight Lazaro Twilight
Legacy Thunder Legacy Thunder
Legacy Zinc Legacy Zinc
Linden Lunar Linden Lunar
Metz Ash Metz Ash
Metz Black Metz Black
Metz Stone Metz Stone
Muscari Zinc Muscari Zinc
Nera Monsoon Nera Monsoon
Plaza Graphite Plaza Graphite
Plaza Steel Plaza Steel
Plaza Taupe Plaza Taupe
Podium Midnight Podium Midnight
Samba Steel Samba Steel
Shima Granite Shima Granite
Shima Mica Shima Mica
Shima Quartz Shima Quartz
Shima Zinc Shima Zinc
Splash Bullet Splash Bullet
Splash Canvas Splash Canvas
Splash Dove Splash Dove
Splash Flint Splash Flint
Splash Gable Splash Gable
Splash Grey Whisper Splash Grey Whisper
Splash Maylar Splash Maylar
Splash Mirage Splash Mirage
Splash Mono Splash Mono
Splash Noir Splash Noir
Splash Rock Splash Rock
Splash Sonar Splash Sonar
Splash Tropez Splash Tropez
Splash Vellum Splash Vellum
Splash Venom Splash Venom
Unilux Black Unilux Black
Unilux Granite Unilux Granite
Unilux Grey Unilux Grey
Vitra Flint Vitra Flint
Vitra Illusion Vitra Illusion
Vitra Licorice Vitra Licorice
Vitra Marlin Vitra Marlin
Vitra Metro Vitra Metro
Vitra Vapour Vitra Vapour
Vitra Zinc Vitra Zinc
on orders over £150